Moose Jaw Chinese Association Moose Jaw Chinese Community Network 莎省舞城中华会馆 慕斯乔中华会馆 慕斯乔华人

The Board of Directors of the Moose Jaw Chinese Community Network (MJCCN) held its regular board meeting on September 29, 2022, and voted to elect the new leadership of MJCCN. The election results are as follows.

  • President: Qiang (Kelvin) Hu, presides over the general operation of the MJCCN
  • Treasurer: Lin Fong, oversees the finances of the MJCCN
  • Secretaries: Yeng H. Ling and Yanxia Liu, assists the President and coordinates the operation of the MJCCN

The above positions will be effective from the date of election and will serve for three years.

In addition to the above four board members, the following seven board members (in alphabetical order by last name) are on the MJCCN Board:

  • He Bai
  • Mary Lee Booth
  • Qianyi Liu
  • Shaun Nanan
  • Judy Quon
  • Gary Wong
  • Xiaoming Zhu

MJCCN would like to thank the following Presidents over the years for their hard work and contribution to the organization:

  • Gale Chow 
  • Ark Yee
  • Kim Chow (Acting)
  • Judy Quon (Interim)

MJCCN 9/30/2022

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