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October is the season of bountiful harvest in Saskatchewan. It is also the season for gratitude. We are grateful to the sunshine, to the rainfall, to everything that made our grain bins full.

The second Monday in October each year is Thanksgiving in Canada. On this day, even those who are far away from home choose to come back to celebrate the holiday with their families. The importance Canadians attach to Thanksgiving is comparable to the traditional Christmas holiday.

About 100 local Chinese spent the Thanksgiving night with Mayor Tolley and Mr. Rob Clark, CEO of the Moose Jaw & District Chamber of Commerce with delicious food and good conversations.

In his speech, Mayor Tolley said that the Chinese have a long history in Moose Jaw and that he has had a connection with the local Chinese for decades. He was pleased to see that the Chinese who attended the event include both those who were locally born and raised and those who have recently arrived in Moose Jaw. He hopes that old and new Chinese will join together and share their strength for the prosperity of Moose Jaw. He looks forward to continue to participate in similar activities organized by the organization in the future. Translated with (free version)

Mr. Clark expressed the same expectation as the mayor. He hopes that more Chinese immigrants will choose to stay in Moose Jaw, and noted that the Chamber's doors will always be open to local Chinese friends.

Ms. Zhu Xiaoming, President of the Canada-China Cultural Exchange Association and founder of the Swan Group, also delivered a speech. In her speech, Ms. Zhu congratulated the new board of directors of the Chinese Association and hoped that the Chinese Association and the Canada-China Cultural Exchange Association would work together to promote the development of culture in Moose Jaw.

The MJCCN would like to thank the following groups and individuals for their support and selfless contributions to this event (in no particular order):

  • The CanSwan Group: Event venue, and some food and drinks.
  • Moose Photo Print: Photography
  • Ms. Ning Long: MC
  • Mr. Tao Lin: Audio

Event photos: